Setting Up Visual Studio Code

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Guidance on setting up a fresh visual studio code installation.


This is one of a series of posts where I document software configurations for personal reference. This post documents the configurations for Visual Studio Code.


Although vscode can be installed from Ubuntu software center, some issues (perhaps relating to dependencies) may arise and prevent input methods such as ibus and fcitx from working properly. To work around it, instal vscode using the packages provided by the official site:


  • shellcheck:
    • In shell: sudo apt install shellcheck.
    • In vscode: ctrl + p -> ext install timonwong.shellcheck.
  • shell-format:
    • Download shfmt executable binary, rename it as shfmt, save it to /usr/local/bin/, and make it executable.
    • In vscode: ctrl + p -> ext install
  • Remote Development:
    • In vscode: ctrl + p -> ext install ms-vscode-remote.vscode-remote-extensionpack.
  • plantuml:
    • In shell: sudo apt install default-jdk graphviz.
    • In vscode: ctrl + p -> ext install jebbs.plantuml.
  • GitLens:
    • In vscode: ctrl + p -> ext install eamodio.gitlens
  • pylance:
    • In vscode: ctrl + p -> ext install ms-python.vscode-pylance
  • jsoncrack:
    • In vscode: ctrl + p -> ext install AykutSarac.jsoncrack-vscode


Go to “Preferences” - “Settings” and change the following settings:

  • Text Editor
    • Tab Size: 2
    • Word Wrap: "on"
    • Find
      • Auto Find In Selection: "multiline"
    • Font
      • Font Family: 'Ubuntu Mono', 'Droid Sans Mono', 'monospace', monospace, 'Droid Sans Fallback'
    • Suggestion
      • Accept Suggestion On Enter: "off"
    • Files
      • Auto Guess Encoding: true
  • Workbench
    • Color Theme: "Solarized Light"
  • Features
    • Extensions
      • Auto Check Updates: false
      • Auto Update: None
      • Ignore Recommendations: true
    • Terminal
      • Integrated: Cursor Blinking: true
      • Integrated: Enable Bell: true
      • Integrated: Scrollback: 10000
  • Security
    • Workspace
      • Trust: Untrusted Files: "open"
  • Extensions:
    • PlantUML configuration
      • Export Sub Folder: false
    • shell-format configuration
      • Shellformat: Path: "/usr/local/bin/shfmt"


Go to “Preferences” - “Keyboard Shortcuts” and change the following shorcuts:

  • Reindent Selected Lines: Ctrl + Shift+ I
  • Toggle Line Comment: Ctrl + Shift+ C
  • Terminal: Run Selected Text In Active Terminal: Ctrl + Enter